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  1. Ashera :


Ashera is that the world’s most exotic house cat. almost like the Bengal cat, it absolutely was bred from the Asian Leopard cats. With its distinction spots that has been well-known for its leopard like look, this dearly-won cat prices up to $100,000.

These cats will be taken out walked on a leash and square measure aforementioned to be friendly with youngsters. However, it’s a decent plan to line the cat with a heated blanked throughout the winter months, since the origin of the cat is from a hot climate.

Cats build good pets. However, for people who need to shop for exotic cat breeds, you’ll have to be compelled to pay more cash than usual. These cats could or might also not have the required temperament given the actual fact that some were bred from wild cats.

  1. Bengal :

Bengal Cat could be a house cat listed in our prime dearly-won cat breeds. it absolutely was developed so as to seem sort of a wild cat. Upon examination of its look, it’s like associate degree Felis pardalis or a leopard. However, it isn’t shocking since it absolutely was crossbred with Asian Leopard cats. The Asian wildcat could be a wild cat in South and East Asia.

If you’re somewhat afraid that the Bengal Cat features a wild cat’s temperament, this is often now not the case. it’s been cross bred with domestic cats to own the design of a wild cat however the temperament of your Felis catus.

The development of the Bengal cat was strictly accidental. The Asian Leopard Cats were bred with domestic cats primarily to review the apparent immunity of the breed to feline cancer.



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