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Top 10 Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment


  1. English Bulldog


A Bulldog can be a medium-sized breed of dog typically remarked as a result of a people bulldog or British Bulldog. it is a muscular, hefty dog with a wrinkled face and a selected pushed-in nose. Bulldogs have a protracted association with British culture as a result of the BBC wrote: “to many the Bulldog can be a national icon, figuration pluck and determination.” throughout war II, Bulldogs were usually likened to Prime Minister political leader.

Bulldogs originally were conversant in drive cows to plug and to contend throughout a bloody sport referred to as bullbaiting. Today, they’re delicate companions World Health Organization love children. a fast walk and a nap on the couch is solely this dog breed‘s speed.


  1. Shih Tzu

The name means that very little lion, however there’s nothing fierce regarding this dog breed. The Shih Tzu square measure a lovers, not a hunters. Bred entirely to be a companion, the Shih Tzu square measure Associate in Nursing warm, happy, outgoing housedogs WHO love nothing over to follow their folks from space to space.

In recent years, however, house owners have started taking the Shih Tzu off their laps and into dog sports, coaching them for obedience, rally, and gracefulness competitions.



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