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WHAT DO PANDAS EAT? ALL ABOUT THE PANDA BEAR DIET! The panda or giant panda scientifically known as the Europa de Melon or Lucca is a large mammal that inhabits the mountainous regions of China and Tibet during the summer, it rises to the highest altitudes of 3000 meters and in the winter it descends in search of warmth according to the IUCN Red List They are an endangered species and there are only about 500 to 1,000 mature individuals in the wild. Do you want to know what to eat? Do they only feed on bamboo?

The nutritional requirements of the panda, the panda is an omnivore and this means that it consumes food of animal or vegetable origin although we will see that most panda food is vegetarian. An adult can weigh about one hundred and thirty kilograms although the average weight ranges from 100 to 115 kilograms to cover the needs of Energy for such a huge body, a panda can spend between 10 and 12 hours a day feeding in addition to its appetite is almost ravenous, the panda’s diet is 99% of the bamboo To cover this food the panda must consume all its nutritional needs nearly a dozen One and a half kilograms of bamboo per day, although it can actually eat up to 40 kilograms, approximately 23 of it will be expelled in the form of bowel movements because the panda’s digestive system is not. Fully equipped to absorb the cellulose particles that bamboo is made of.

What does the panda eat? As we mentioned before, the most important staple food in the panda’s diet is the family. In its moist and stable mountain habitat there are more than 200 species of bamboo, but it is estimated that panda feeds on only 30 species to cover the energy input they need, although they are mostly eaters. For herbs, however, pandas sometimes include some animal foods in their diet, such as egg bugs and rodents. Bamboo stems and pulp extraction in addition, and its sixth toe is actually an adaptation to the wrist bone thanks to this they have greater facilities for obtaining food, these same physical properties allow the panda to hunt as necessary to obtain the remaining 1% of its diet which consists of nutrients of origin My animal eats a panda’s life and sleeps due to its great appetite, lack of hibernation and the fact that it is ill-equipped getting all the nutrients in a bamboo panda can spend up to 14 hours a day, which is especially easy for them because they have the advantage of being able to eat sitting. The rest of the time they spend sleeping and once they wake up they start again searching for food to satisfy their great appetite, this process always takes place on its own because the panda is an animal that only another species accompanies it during the breeding season.