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Do you want to know why your cat loves boxes and sleeps in strange places?
You might like the moments when your cat approaches you and starts rubbing its head against you, you might think that this is a wonderful display of affection and partly when a cat rubs you, they try to leave their scent on you and they trust you. They love you but now you are theirs.
This behavior shows the great ability and agility of hats as well as how spontaneous a desperate rush and jumping off sofas and beds is nothing more than a routine exercise that may come as a surprise but the cat can extend 48 km / h If your cat does not leave the house at all, it is normal Completely draining her energy through these unexpected jumps are all athletes out there.
Even though you love your cat, it can be very scary when we suddenly bring a dead bird into the house and put it at your feet, and this is one of the strange things that cats do according to specialists and animal behavior, and this may be due to several reasons they want to share their prey with you just as you share your home and your food With them, will your cat realize that you are part of her family, they are grateful for the love you give them and bring you their prey as a gift or their appreciation for themselves and this holds the trophy symbol that says look at what you have accomplished.
This is very typical for cats that turn around because you feel that someone is staring at you and there you find your cat staring at you and you do not know what they are thinking or how they will behave in the next moments well.Your cats may not try to hypnotize you or control your mind, but you may just want to get your attention until you give them Food and affection.
Cats are curious by nature as they love to smell everything and especially things from their affection. If your face smells your face carefully is a very strange act that cats love and there is no transcendent explanation simply through sin they can recognize you and recognize you if your cat wants to smell your face, then let them do it, This is a positive attitude towards you.
Cats are wonderful creatures to them, it is much more interesting to sleep on your computer keyboard than on a comfortable pillow bed no matter how uncomfortable or cold it is, it is very likely that you will arrive more than once and will be. Often they sleep deeply in one of these places just because you are close to them wanting to be close to their favorite person, you are their relaxation symbol still in the subject of affection.
One of the best places for a cat to rest is on its human chest, and there was no good scientific reason for this fixation, but the assumption is more emotional than your cat enjoys communicating with you through your heartbeat and the warmth of your chest. It is a place where they can feel safe and protected.
Perhaps all cats were bakers in a past life, either way, it is very common to see them move as if they were eating things according to experts and without much explanation, this behavior means that they are happy because they remind them of when there were children and the need to get milk from their mothers usually What is accompanied by a loud voice or meow.
This is the kind of attack that you should not worry about when your cat tries to fight with your feet, because they only want to play with you, they are drawn to the movement of your limbs which can go from fast to slow in a second and jumping and attacking them again is another strange thing cats love Have a lot of fun.
This is practiced by all hats who will be looking out the window while they are watching some birds fly outside while this happens, often making strange noises with their teeth and their tail will move dynamically and this means that your cats are preparing for their next chase as they are practicing some distinctive effective bite to attack birds Rodents can be a clear sign of excitement but if they are unable to get out it could become a sign of frustration and inability to reach their prey.