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IRISH SETTER – Characteristics, Character and Health



The Irish Satter is considered one of the most elegant dogs in the world thanks to its beautiful soft red coat Although the breed was developed for hunting it has grown in popularity as a companion animal and can be seen in dog competitions around the world.

In the eighteenth century, there was already a well-defined type of Irish red and white setter which was used to hunt birds at the end of the century at the beginning of the nineteenth century, as they began to breed the entire red hunter, one of them being the champion Palmerston as a pup that did not meet the desired characteristics For a hound but it became common in dogs showing that its head was longer and had a more delicate constitution that Palmerston left many descendants and became the ideal breed standard.
The Irish Wrapper is a tall dog that is large, elegant, features and slender, with a beautiful red or maroon coat, their body is sporty and well-proportioned with a smooth, elongated head, and they may have fringes around their ears and the back of their legs. Between 58 and 67 centimeters for females from 55 to 62, there is no perfect intelligence but they weigh about 30 kilograms, this is a cheerful, independent and inquisitive dog, it is also intelligent and gentle but with a strong hunting instinct they can communicate with him
People and dogs are ideal for families who are very active if they are not given enough mental and physical stimulation they can become devastating dogs whose coat needs to be perfectly cleaned once a day to keep it free of tangles but this does not need to be as much involved as it does with a babysitter. Bathing is only necessary when your dog is dirty
They do not have to be frequent, the exercise needs of the Irish are particularly high; walking on a short lease is not appropriate they will need long walks and lots of leash exercises although the latter is only when sufficiently trained mental stimulation is necessary to avoid problems Behavioral being intelligent learns quickly, but their hunter’s instinct causes them to be easily distracted from dog training, and Irish stylists always have great patience with using positive reinforcement. stable.
Unfortunately, selective breeding has resulted in this dog breed being affected by a genetic high-frequency disease, the most common being sciatic dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy, and there are others including cataracts, hypothyroidism and epilepsy, to detect and prevent these health problems, it is recommended that visits Regular veterinarian every 6 to 12 months If they maintain good health with proper vaccinations and deworming schedules, they should be able to accompany us between 12 and 15 years.