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BOMBAY CAT – Characteristics, Care and Health!



The Bombay cat, a breed that resembles the big wild cat in India, has become one of the most famous and beautiful cat breeds in the world, and we tell you all about the character of history and the care of this beautiful breed in the animal world.
The Bombay cat has its origin in 1950 in Louisville Kentucky. Nicky Horner’s breeder wanted to create a tiger-like cat with smooth and shiny black hair. Her inspiration came from Pakira, the Indian black panther, from The Jungle Book, which began in 1953. Breeding Bombay cats starting with an American shorthair cat with hair Crossed black with a Burmese coated with a sable, in 1976, the first Bombay cat was born a black cat with shiny hair and coppery eyes, the Bombay cat was distinguished by having compact muscles and a leaner body than their Burmese cat ancestor. Both her body and tail are undoubtedly medium in size, she stands out for her round face with a very short muzzle as well as having all-black claw pads and copper or gold eyes, and her coat color is jet-black, short, soft and very bright.
Regarding their personality, the Bombay cat is usually very sociable and affectionate, enjoys the company of their family and hates loneliness, this means that they are prone to separation and anxiety, Bombay cats love meow gently to express their mood or ask for something.
Now they are usually a somewhat lazy cat who love games and fun for this reason they are especially suitable for families with children and with other cats in addition to being a particularly intelligent cat who can learn various tricks and exercises if positive reinforcement is used as the basis of education.
A Pompeii cat with short hair does not require excessive care twice a week, the brush should be sufficient to remove dead hair and maintain its shine, and it will not be necessary to bathe it, either because cats clean themselves and bathing causes them to lose the natural protection layer from bathing secreted oils only when they are very dirty or They have something stuck to their fur even in the latter case, the use of non-toxic wet wipes may be sufficient Their food should always be of high quality regardless of whether Bombay is fed wet dry food or homemade food, it is important that it is of good quality and suitable for this variety if If you choose a homemade food, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition to avoid nutritional deficiencies.
Finally, don’t forget to brush their teeth and note if their nails are too long and make sure their ears are always clean, the Bombay is one of the breeds least prone to disease and thus it is one of the longest breeds that can be up to 20 years old. Life But some Bombay cats can suffer from a cranial malformation, which is a health problem inherited from their Burmese genetic ancestor. In order for the cats to enjoy good health, we recommend that you visit a specialist every six to twelve months and follow vaccination and deworming schedules.