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We live with cats, we realize that they are wonderful animals with unique traits, temperaments and innate traits, so today we want to share with you the 10 best personal traits of cats .

1 –  Cats are very clean:
One of the virtues of cats is that they are very clean for their daily washing, as they use a rough tongue that allows them to easily remove dirt and dead hair, in addition to which they usually urinate and defecate in fixed places such as a sandbox.

2 – Cats have a special bond with their owners:
Many people think that cats are not friendly but that is only because they do not know how to interpret the many ways in which a cat displays affection, kneading, nibbling or licking are some of the many signs.

3 – Cats are independent:
Cats are characteristically more independent than other pets that love to have their own space and hate being forced to do anything they don’t want. This independence allows them to enjoy playing or exploring on their own, and this does not mean that you have to leave your cat alone for a long time to be happy, The cat also needs a interaction that is always respectful of its space and rhythms, of course.

4 – Cats are skillful and intelligent:
Curiosity goes hand in hand with cat agility, an inquisitive cat tests its ability to slide into almost any space it wants. Although this may be dangerous, do not allow your cat to climb high or enter very narrow places from which some cats successfully exit such situations, but it may Others experience accidents As a responsible caregiver, you must ensure their safety.

5 – Cats are excellent hunters:
Cats have an innate ability to hunt small animals like rodents or birds and this has made them popular pets all over the world throughout history while you may find it unpleasant to be surprised by a newly caught prey that you should not punish your cat for this. It is an innate behavior typical of a species and it is actually a positive behavior A sign of affection towards the owner, but keep in mind that abandoned outdoor cats and feral cats have a negative effect on the endemic animals, so you should take precautions in addition to regularly performing indoor and outdoor deworming.

6 – Cats also have feelings:
It is not advisable to attribute human feelings such as guilt or shame to our pets, but both cats and dogs are able to express sadness, happiness or anger among many other emotions, for example when another animal dies or a relative moves, your cat may be depressed For a few among the other traits cats are very intelligent.

7 – Cats are very smart:
In addition to the instinctive behavior, they can tell if they have been properly motivated to repeat actions that link them to a positive outcome, this way you can teach your cat’s hygiene habits or how to follow the house rules through positive reinforcement.

8 – Cats remain alert :
It is known that cats are sleeping animals that can spend up to 16 hours a day in sleep alternating between deep sleep and naps, but do not think that they are oblivious to what is happening around them thanks to their viscosity or vitality, as they receive vibrations from the air around them, this helps them discover the changes that occur While they sleep, one of the advantages of cats is their sharp night vision, as cats’ eyes possess three types of cones that are able to perceive yellow, green and blue.

9 – Cats have excellent night vision:
In addition, cats’ vision is more pronounced at night, which is why the iris of the eyes expands a lot in the dark, and this mechanism that allows the smallest rays of light and the transparency that allows light absorption both improve the cat’s night vision. The secret is that cats have an enviable ability to keep them.

10 – Cats have a great balance:
Balance They move in high and narrow areas with the same elegance they do in flat open spaces, it is possible to see thanks to their inner year covered in small hair that allows cats to synchronize their steps and thus maintain their balance.