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As we all know, some dogs are more cameras than others, although this will depend on many factors especially education and socialization, there are some breeds that genetically tend to be wise in the camps. Brings you top 10 cool breathing.
Chasing Gray:
Gray Pursuit Although the Greyhound is a dog that needs a lot of exercise, it is actually very quiet when at home they do not have problems with other dogs and bark talking that they love to relax next to their human companions and enjoy being pampered If you take them for adequate walking and exercise, they shoot Energy and feel mental balance.
We tend to think that small dogs are the most stressed but this is not the case with a pug as they are one of the most popular cameras for small dogs and they are recommended for those who live in apartments they love sweet and being a volcano vertical dog. They can have trouble breathing while playing sports, so they need to stay calm inside and outside the home.
The Great Dane:
Not only is the Great Dane one of the tallest dogs in the world, but one of the most prolific dogs that can usually walk slowly so that it is good for families who are less active or those who enjoy a leisurely walk even though they don’t need to run much. They need three walks a day to provide for exercise and interaction with their wider environment.
English Bulldog:
The English Bulldog is considered a very strong and fat dog, but they are team and grow closely related to their human companions, as conformation prohibits strenuous exercise, so they tend to be Cambrian.
Saint Bernard:
St. Bernard is a gentle and obedient dog, and they can be the perfect companion for children and considered by many to be a dog breeder due to their protective instincts, it is relatively easy to train them along with intelligence and loyalty.
Spanish Mastiff:
The Spanish Mastiff is a large and strong breed that has been used to guard livestock in rural communities. It is calm and has a loving nature despite its large size, as it does not bark much and has a balanced and noble character.
Basset Hound:
The Basset Hound is the perfect room for being friendly and interested in their favorite pastimes of eating and sleeping well, and will need mental stimulation, as they are not the most special, brief, fun special care required for their long ears.
Shar Pei:
In general, acute pain is the use of a calm and friendly dog, they do not have the highest exercise requirements they love to spend time at home with humans although they tend to be more independent than most breeds.
Akita Inu:
The Akita Inoue is a dog of Japanese descent with a stable and stable personality, but is not recommended for first-time owners since they can be dominant along with other dogs, proper socialization is essential for this breed, and they also have high exercise and play needs.
Chase blood:
Bloodhounding as with other breeds on this list, the Bloodhound is very calm and docile, they are especially patient with baby animals and even strangers are obedient and easy to train but they do not tolerate being left alone well and this can lead to separation anxiety so it’s very important Being well educated because I could get destructive otherwise while there are other Camarines not on this list.

There are many mixed dogs that are distinguished by calm and formation, we recommend going to a shelter for adoption and explaining that you are looking for a dog that can suit your lifestyle and temperament, and also remember that our personality can affect our dog’s well-being. We need to ensure that we do not encourage disruptive behavior in any dog ​​in our care, we also need to provide appropriate training and education programs.