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Are you unable to leave your home whether it is due to illness or any other reason, keeping your dog entertained while at home is essential to avoid stress. To do so, you can play a series of games designed to keep their mind active. Of course these games do not replace the necessary walking that We can’t get out of it, you’ll need to ask someone else to walk with that in mind, as the animal brings you our list of ideas for entertaining your dog at home.

Sowing seeds, this is a mental stimulation exercise that uses dogs’ sharp sense of smell, and it also helps to promote relaxation and well-being. Before playing any scent-related game, it is recommended to do a task like this to stimulate them, and this game is usually practiced outdoors. It is not possible, you can do it indoors, all you have to do is take some treats and spread them in different places on the ground, turn off the lights and let your dog find them because the darkness will have to use his nose as much as possible here and in the description we show you how you can make a food dispenser For your dog at home.

Food dispensing games, food dispensing games, like Kong games, have managed to keep the dog entertained for a long time, they work just as well as intelligence games because they stimulate their minds If you want to add an extra layer of difficulty, you can hide it somewhere for the dog to find through the scent Alone of course it will still need to be in a place where the dog can access it and use food that has a strong smell. If you do not have one of these toys, you can make it at home using recycled materials.

This shell game is a classic game with this game not only stimulating your dog’s mind, but you can entertain yourself when you play the shell game that you run to stimulate and relax your dog at the same time, because once the dog gets over their enthusiasm and they get their treatment, they will likely be tired after However, these types of games are great when other physical exercise is not possible.

Homemade rope toy This game is useful because it helps the dog to manage its stress and strengthen our ligament, and we can use it in different ways, either to allow the dog to chew on its own, you can use it for fetch or even you can play tug of war with it in the latter case, it is very important that we allow the dog to win the game, So at that time, then we let ourselves win some time, and they also tried to bite us while pulling the game right away and finish the next game.

Obedience to dogs You can make the most of your presence at home by practicing obedience with the dog. Obedience exercises are very useful for many reasons that they stimulate the dog mentally and physically. They strengthen our bond and help facilitate daily tasks. All obedience exercises need to use positive reinforcement and it is not recommended to overdo it. In sessions, it is best to create short sessions of around 15 minutes for each session and spread them out over a specific day and likewise we avoid any shouting or hitting.